During my 20 years in the fields of photography and design I have seen many changes in workflow and the creative process. Although expected today, I adopted digital photography in its nascent stage because I saw it as a creative tool, not a quick fix for a lack of technical knowledge. I employ state-of-the-art digital cameras and backs - large format to 35mm - but not a project goes by that I could complete without my understanding of art history and dynamic composition. Whether to sell a product or influence a demographic, the challenge of directing and influencing a viewer is what engages me. This drive has led to a varied and eclectic group of clients, each teaching me invaluable lessons to apply to the next.

My photographic clients are primarily editorial, fashion and luxury product. However, I have designed twelve national and regional magazine launches, worked with over 22 newsstand publications, consulted and shot for clients ranging from Time Inc. (Real Simple), to Wolters Kluwer, from Marc Echo to Gucci, from Honda to Gama Aviation, and from Nike to the NFL. Much of my commercial studio work is done at Peter Baker Studios LLC. in Fairfield, CT. where we manage color and provide retouching services for a variety of publishing and catalog clients. In order to augment creative resources for my projects, I co-founded Imagemark LLC, an interactive and branding agency, in 1999 - WWW.IMAGEMARK.NET. To view my stock photography site, which features unique, commissioned rights-managed imagery, go to: WWW.PBAKERSTUDIOS.COM.